Warrandyte Road

My adjournment request is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is a full road safety review of Warrandyte Road in the vicinity of the Ringwood North shops, in particular along Warrandyte Road between Lockhart Road and after the roundabout as well. This specifically relates to road congestion in the area that is mounting and becoming gridlocked during peak hours. But it is also gridlocked during school drop-off and pick-up times. With the Andrews government's policy of increasing housing density, together with population increases, there are more vehicles and pedestrians on and around the roads than ever before. Residents are reporting that they see near misses from cars speeding through the pedestrian crossings when travelling north and south between Oban Road and Wonga Road. They also report that with the current speed limit residents struggle to get out of the streets and off Warrandyte Road due to heavy traffic.

Residents have particularly asked for a speed limit decrease along Warrandyte Road, which is really important considering the road safety issues and just the sheer number of vehicles on the road in this area, especially when people are going into and also coming out of the shopping area. Residents are fearful that there will be a serious accident if their speed and safety concerns are not addressed. There are significant volumes of traffic coming through this street, with local shops, schools and childcare centres. There are also many children crossing the road both before school starts and after school, and it is very, very important to my community that those students remain safe at all times. I ask the minister to act on my request for the safety of all who use the roads in Ringwood North, particularly around the roundabout — in all aspects: north, south, east and west — that is, the Oban Road–Warrandyte Road roundabout, but particularly in the vicinity of the shopping centre.