Walker Park Sporting Club Adjournment

Ms RYALL - My adjournment request is for the Minister for Sport, and the action I seek is for the minister to fund Mitcham sporting club to enable a contribution to a newly constructed modern clubroom facility that also caters for girls and women, one that can rapidly meet the growing sporting community needs at Walker Park in Nunawading now and into the future.

The Mitcham Cricket Club was initially established in 1883 and the Mitcham Football Club in 1888. They are the two oldest sporting clubs in the City of Whitehorse. Walker Park in Nunawading became home to these two clubs in 1910. In 1957 a grandstand was built, and in the early 1980s the clubs were given a social room underneath the grandstand. In 2000 they finally got some toilets and change rooms. In the small, dimly lit social clubroom and change facilities Mitcham Football Club, Mitcham Junior Football Club and Auskick, Mitcham Cricket Club, Mitcham junior cricket club and the Milo clinic, as well as the Mitcham Eastern Football League netball club, undertake their administration, club meetings and presentations. The logistics of this are chaotic and difficult to organise because of the size of the clubs as well as all of the other club activities that go on in that small area underneath the grandstand.

Those that use the club facilities include players, members and the supporters and families of both home and away teams. Football, cricket and netball‑related activities bring thousands of people each week to use the Walker Park facilities. There are three senior football teams; 17 junior teams, including three girls teams; and 150 kids that play Auskick, both girls and boys. The cricket club has 10 junior teams, six senior teams, three veterans teams and a Milo clinic for boys and girls as well. The football, cricket and netball clubs that make up the Mitcham sporting club have been neglected. They are growing rapidly. They have the capability to add women’s football to the sporting club, yet the facilities do not cater for the current needs of the club let alone the future needs.

Stopgaps and bandaids have involved looking at trying to make the rooms compliant rather than actually building something for the future needs of the clubs, including disability restrooms, which they do not currently have at the moment. You cannot get a wheelchair or walker into them, which is very embarrassing for those with disabilities. There are no facilities for girls and women. It is restrictive. The walls and beams hold up the grandstand, which means they actually cannot make those rooms bigger, and there is next to no natural light in the facility. People cannot move away from the bad weather. I ask the government to match the federal government’s commitment to fund this facility.