Traffic Accident Data - Melway

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — (12 807) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is that he enable the availability of data on tow truck call-outs to accidents, accompanied with the associated Melway map grids, so that interested parties such as my community can identify the full picture on accident stats on a given road or intersection.


The Mitcham Residents Association has had significant concerns in relation to an area of Mitcham Road with regard to risks for those exiting driveways and side streets, because of parking along Mitcham Road limiting the view of drivers. Approximately 84 per cent of Mitcham residents were favourable towards restrictive parking in this narrow section of Mitcham Road to prevent accidents from occurring. Crash data does not include all accidents if police or emergency services are present; this depends on injury or death.

It is difficult to assess risks if accidents are not recorded when they do not result in injury or death, and therefore an accurate assessment of the number of accidents at a particular location is not available to those concerned. Anecdotal evidence from those who live there is that the number of accidents in this area is significantly greater than the existing data shows. While VicRoads has an Excel data sheet for all of Melbourne, it is difficult to manipulate and it only gives the data regarding accidents where injury or death is sustained.

To be proactive and confirm the concerns the Mitcham Residents Association has regarding this area of Mitcham Road and indeed other roads, it would be extremely helpful to have data on the tow-truck call-outs with the associated Melway map grid. That way problem areas may be objectively identified and discussed to better assess risks and identify necessary action to prevent injuries and indeed fatalities. My understanding is that this would not be a huge task as the data is there. Having the associated grid map from Melway would certainly help people understand exactly the location that those tow trucks are called to. Given that the tow trucks are directed to a particular site, they already have to have that information available to them.