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Chinese New Year 2018

Ms RYALL— A big shout-out to our local Chinese community, who celebrated the Lunar New Year — the Year of the Dog — with a spectacular showcase of Chinese culture, fabulous food and activities at Box Hill. Well done to the Asian Business Association of Whitehorse and all volunteers.

Constituency Question - Heatherdale Station Parking

Ms RYALL - My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport. The land opposite the Heatherdale railway station in Heatherdale Road, where so many have to park to catch the train, is currently for sale. If the minister does not buy the land, where will these people park?

Mama's Afternoon Tea Fundraiser

Ms RYALL — The Mitcham community came together in February to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Mama's Afternoon Tea was a great afternoon hosted by the Innes family with fantastic food, fun and laughs. Early detection of ovarian cancer is vital with 1580 women expected to be diagnosed this year and 1047 expected to die this year from this horrid disease. It is always encouraging to see local groups in our community raising awareness and funds for this cause.

Antonio Park Advisory Committee Annual BBQ

Ms RYALL— Thanks to Antonio Park Advisory Committee for once again putting on a great annual community barbecue. The Antonio Park Advisory Committee continue to work tirelessly on keeping our local area maintained and clean. They do a fantastic job. They are one of our major organisers of National Tree Day events in the local area and they are always looking for new ways to enhance the conservation value of the Antonio Park bushland. Well done.

Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Ms RYALL — A big well done to the Simpson Park/Somers Trail Advisory Committee on holding their annual Clean Up Australia Day event in Mitcham. Every year the group of volunteers grows bigger and bigger and they continue to achieve great results with many bags of rubbish filled. The Simpson Park/Somers Trail Advisory Committee work all year round to keep our local area clean and beautiful.

Heatherdale Railway Station

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) (17:12:18) — (14 051) My adjournment request is for the Minister for Public Transport. On behalf of my community, I call on the minister to reinstate the Heatherdale station pick‑up and drop‑off zone that existed in Forster Street, Mitcham, close to Heatherdale Road. When Heatherdale station was moved to the eastern side of Heatherdale Road, taxpayer funds were spent removing the pick‑up and drop‑off zone without community consultation. The zone was filled in with a nature strip and curbed and channelled to the road. A number of cars used to be able to pull in very, very safely, allowing traffic to continue to flow onto Forster Road and out onto Heatherdale Road. We now face a significant and dangerous risk. Cars either bank up behind each other on Forster Road or they have to actually pull out to go around the cars that are dropping people off. Both examples are significantly concerning and dangerous.

Members Statement

Victorians have a choice come November this year: a choice between Victoria's backward slide under the Premier or a clear plan of leadership under the Liberal-Nationals — a plan to restore confidence and pride in our state; to take Victorians forward and not ride roughshod over them as this government has done; to put Victorians first for a change and treat them with respect rather than the bullying we have seen and witnessed from this government; to make sure our justice system reflects community expectations; to offer real solutions to deal with those issues that Victorians worry about, like escalating violence, out-of-control cost of living, the massive congestion on our roads; and to end the war on our Country Fire Authority volunteers.

Judy Milligan

Today we say farewell to Judy Milligan, an extraordinary woman who dedicated so much of her time and commitment to the Liberal Party. Judy was a long-serving member of the Mitcham-Heatherdale branch and enshrined the values of the Liberal Party in who she was and what she did — values like individual freedoms, reward for effort and supporting the vulnerable. Only a few weeks ago Judy dropped into my office a handbag full of essential items so a woman in crisis might have something special this Christmas.

Judy married the love of her life, Barrie, and was a cherished mum to Julie and David. Her love for her family was so evident and she would capture those moments, popping them up on Facebook for all to see. These included special times with her adored grandchildren Kirsten, Lachlan, Lauren, Nathan, Luke and Demi.

Constituency Questions - Mitcham Community House

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) - My constituency question is for the Minister for Families and Children. Is the minister going to fulfil her commitment to increase neighbourhood house coordination program funding for Mitcham Community House and Central Ringwood Community Centre as per her election commitment to them in 2014 — yes or no?

Maroondah Highway - Heatherdale Road, Mitcham

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) (17:29:35) — (13 628) My request is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is that he direct the revision of the lanes exiting onto Maroondah Highway from Heatherdale Road in Mitcham. Heatherdale Road is the border of the Maroondah and Whitehorse councils, and since the removal of the level crossing the load of traffic coming out of Heatherdale Road and turning right onto Maroondah Highway has significantly increased. That means that approximately five cars can get through on a cycle, but the extent of the wait time is very significant, particularly if there is someone coming across the road from Dampier Grove.