Start Talking with our Community Daniel Andrews!

Dee Ryall MP, Member for Ringwood has called on Premier Daniel Andrews to stop delaying and start immediate consultation with the local community on the Heatherdale Level Crossing removal and station rebuild.  

The Government has linked this level crossing removal with the high priority Blackburn Road level crossing removal, pushing that project back significantly.  “Blackburn level crossing is used by so many from our community and is so high up on the congestion and danger scale that it is imperative that the final issues be resolved so it can start immediately”.  Ms Ryall said.

Ms Ryall stated that “local Residents, community groups and businesses have expressed their disappointment and concern that there has been next to no consultation on the Heatherdale Road and station project and that once again local views and concerns are being neglected”.  

Dee Ryall MP has called on Premier Daniel Andrews to ensure the local community is not ignored, as with East West Link, and requested that the Government consult closely with residents, station users, businesses, the Whitehorse Cyclists and other relevant stakeholders to have their concerns heard.

“With the Mitcham and Rooks Road Level Crossing removal, I made sure, as part of the former government, that we closely engaged with the local and wider community so that all suggestions and concerns were taken into consideration. There was a comprehensive consultation process”.

“The community cannot be taken for granted, this must happen for Heatherdale Road and Station now”.  Ms Ryall Said.