Ringwood Saints Baseball Club - Ryall Requests Funding From Minister

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My adjournment request is to the Minister for Sport. The action I seek is that the minister provide the Ringwood Saints Baseball Club, the Ringwood women’s cricket club and the Ringwood Junior Cricket Club with $400 000 for new clubrooms at Proclamation Park through the Sport and Recreation Victoria major category grants.

These sporting organisations share the existing clubrooms, but they are particularly the home of the Ringwood Saints Baseball Club. The clubrooms contain asbestos, and they are also home to rats and possums, which means there is urine running down the walls and excrement on the floor. The rooms are very, very old and in appalling condition. Having said that, though, I must congratulate the clubs on the work they do to try to keep the clubrooms in some order so that people can actually use them.

There is no privacy for women in the clubrooms. As I said, the Ringwood women’s cricket club plays on this ground and uses these clubrooms. When I was there recently I saw that there is an open shower with a glass screen that is in full view of everybody, so women cannot even have a shower in these clubrooms, which in this day and age says a lot and really needs to be acted upon. Women are also involved in the baseball club. It is not just the players but also other members of these clubs who need to use these facilities. When I walked into the disabled toilet there was excrement — I am not sure whether it was rat or possum — all over the floor and urine running down the walls, which is clearly inappropriate.

The new clubrooms have been approved by the council, but that additional $400 000 is needed to ensure that this piece of infrastructure that will house the Ringwood women’s cricket club, the Ringwood Juniors cricket side and most prominently the Ringwood Saints Baseball Club can be built. This funding is absolutely vital so that these clubs are able to have clubrooms that are clean, that are not infested by rats and possums and the like and that are suitable to be inhabited by club members, players and others who use the facilities.