Ringwood Police Station Opening

This morning I was pleased to open the newly renovated Ringwood Police Station. The Coalition Government committed over $3 million towards this fantastic project. I was delighted to join the Hon. Heidi Victoria MP, Senior Sergeant Paul McBride and members of Ringwood Police to celebrate this great occasion.

The original Ringwood Police Station building was constructed in 1962, with a complete rebuild in 1997. In 2014, I visited the station; to find very old and tired facilities with a great deal of work needed. Construction of the newly designed station began on October 27, 2014.

The new extension and refurbishment is fabulous, and the newly designed station not only caters for the needs of over 80 police officers, but also provides a base for Victoria Police Protective Services Officers.

Congratulations to those involved in the project, I know firsthand, a great deal of planning between staff and contractors had taken place to ensure a great result for our great police.