Ringwood Level Crossing

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — It is alarming that when the Minister for Roads and Road Safety was asked in Parliament by me to provide the number of vehicles per day that drive over the level crossing at Bedford Road, Ringwood, he responded that it is a local road that is managed by council and does not fall within his responsibilities, and said that I should refer the question to another minister.

This level crossing is adjacent to Ringwood Secondary College, a school of 1500 students, which also provides trade training studies to an additional 300 students. It is a disgrace that the Minister for Roads and Road Safety not only did not provide the numbers but also did not care enough as road safety minister to even respond to the constituency question. This is an important road safety issue for my community, and it is further evidence of Labor failing to care and abandoning the eastern suburbs and the people of Ringwood.