Ride to School Day

Dee Ryall was delighted to walk to school with students from North Ringwood Primary School. So many of the children came by foot, bicycle, scooter or skateboard.

Since 2006, National Ride2School Day has been a great way to encourage children Australia wide to ride and walk to school more regularly. Ringwood North Primary School today helped to break a record with over 350,000 students participating nationwide.

The Ride2School Day program is managed by the Bicycle Network. It encourages students to travel to and from school safely – allowing children to learn the importance of safety gear, the use of footpaths, and to be aware of other users on the road and footpath.

The North Ringwood Primary School had a fantastic turnout; Dee was pleased to congratulate all participants taking part in a great cause. Ride2School is a great way to communicate the benefits of regular activity, safety on the roads, and keeping our local roads less congested. Well done to North Ringwood Primary School.