RALAC Lionsbrae Adjournment

Ms RYALL - My request goes to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is for the minister to implement a pedestrian crossing on Maroondah Highway close to the vicinity of Everard Road in Ringwood so that residents of Ringwood Area Lions Aged Care (RALAC) Lionsbrae and others in the area catching the bus on Maroondah Highway can do so safely.


RALAC Lionsbrae is a residential aged‑care facility in East Ringwood, and it accommodates around 69 people. The closest bus stop to the residents of RALAC Lionsbrae is on Maroondah Highway, and obviously Maroondah Highway is a very, very busy road with many lanes. The closest pedestrian crossings in either direction, east and west of the location of the aged‑care facility, are 750 metres away to the east and well over a kilometre away to the west. You can imagine that for a person in their senior years or a person with a disability that that is certainly a long distance to have to walk. To cross that road safely is a significant challenge. Obviously, if they are going to Eastland and back, they need to start on one side of Maroondah Highway and come back over from the other side of Maroondah Highway. Particularly at peak times they would obviously be dodging traffic. RALAC Lionsbrae is a specialised provider of aged care for those with a disadvantaged background or people who are at risk of homelessness. The residents do enjoy going out or taking the bus to the shops.

In terms of the minister’s action I am sure that he would agree that walking the very long distances to intersections to cross the road either going to the bus stop or coming from the bus stop is enormously difficult, and in fact many people from RALAC Lionsbrae would not be able to go that distance walking. Also traipsing across many lanes of a very busy highway is not safe without a pedestrian crossing. I ask the minister to take this very, very seriously and provide this not just for the people of RALAC Lionsbrae but also for the people in its close vicinity who seek to catch the bus. It is something we want and we encourage people to do, but they need to do so safely.