Nunawading Police Station Closed – No community consultation

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — In relation to the address‑in‑reply of the now Minister for Police in 2015, she said that the former government had closed police stations and that the former government was in charge of rostering hours at police stations in her community.

The Minister for Police said in her contribution in the Appropriation (2015–2016) Bill 2015 that she was committing ‘extra police to ensure that we can reopen stations that the previous government closed’.

Now, this means that the police minister either believes that the opening and closing as well as the resourcing in terms of rostering hours is up to the government. The former Minister for Police said that he would not force closure of police stations against the wishes of the community. The Acting Minister for Police said that this was an operational matter for police command, and now we have the newly appointed police minister who said only last year that in government she can control the opening of her police stations with increased numbers. So I ask: who is right — the former minister, the acting minister or the now police minister?

So taking the police minister at her word in 2015 at the address‑in‑reply, the government has therefore now closed Nunawading police station. There was no community discussion, no community consultation, no notification, just a sign on the door greeting everyone that says ‘Closed’. Like the police minister’s commitment to her own electorate, will she now commit extra police to ensure this police station opens and, if not, will she have the decency to tell the community?