Nunawading Primary School Site in Limbo

In parliament, Dee Ryall MP has called on the Minister for Finance, the Hon. Robin Scott MP to provide certainty to the local community, as to the future of the former Nunawading Primary School site.

Under the former State Government, Dee fought for the Council to be offered to negotiate a significant discount from the market price of the land based on it being classified for restricted community use. This was in line with what Councillors had sought previously, through a Council motion.

 “The City of Whitehorse should be provided with the same negotiating terms that existed under the former Government so Councillors can make a decision about whether they direct the City of Whitehorse to purchase the site.” Ms Ryall said.

 “If Council decides not to purchase the Land, the Minister must advise the local community of what will happen to the site”. Ms Ryall said.

The former Nunawading Primary School was closed by the Labor Government when it was last in office, and the school community merged with the former Springview Primary School.    

The Site was identified by the Department of Education and all other government departments as surplus to their needs.

The former government cleared the land of the old, unused buildings and cleaned the graffiti from the original, heritage primary school building.  A fence around the original building was erected to prevent vandalism and roof patching undertaken to prevent internal water damage.  “Even with the fencing surrounding the original building, vandals are still attacking the building and spraying graffiti.” Ms Ryall said.

Dee and the local people of the Ringwood Electorate have sought the preservation of the land for community use, such as sporting facilities.

The Nunawading Vikings basketball club, table tennis, netball and other sporting clubs are seeking facilities for their unmet local need. “It is less than ideal that they have to pay to go outside the municipality which adds cost to families”. Ms Ryall said.

Media Contact: Dee Ryall - 9870 7396