Nunawading Police Station - Closed

On 15 April last year, the Police Minister said on behalf of Daniel Andrews and the Labor Government: "This government does not support the forcible closure of police stations against the wishes of local communities.” Daniel Andrews has broken his promise by closing the Nunawading Police Station without any consultation of our local community.

In fact, the local community has not even been told that it has closed. People are still turning up to the doors and finding out about the closure from the sign on the door. Local community members have raised their concerns. An instance was highlighted of a disabled person who had had a wallet stolen. That person made their way to the police station, only to find that it was closed. Another person had an incident on a nearby road and drove straight to the police station, only to find it was closed.

Mr Andrews says the closure is not under his control, yet he has no problem making promises that he then says he cannot keep. It is one thing to not consult the community; it is another thing to not even tell them that a station has been closed. As far as I am concerned, that is a breach of respect of the members of our community, and it shows contempt.