Norwood Secondary College and Ringwood Secondary College Shortchanged

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — Community members in my electorate of Ringwood have expressed their dismay at the neglect by the Labor government in its 2015–16 budget. Our schools have been short‑changed yet again by the Labor Party, which committed to $100 million for Maroondah schools back when it was trying to obtain government in 2010 after neglecting our local schools for so many years.

To quote Shaun Leane, the Labor member for Eastern Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council, this promise of $100 million was to go towards developing world‑class facilities to give all students who go to school in Maroondah the opportunity to excel. What has changed? Why has the Premier had a change of heart so that the students in my local community should now not have the funding for the world‑class facilities Labor said they would, so they can excel?

Labor has underfunded Norwood Secondary College and Ringwood Secondary College, and it is denying local students and their teachers the 21st century learning spaces they need to enable educational outcomes and opportunities for the future. This government has cut $3 million in funding for Norwood Secondary College and is subsequently denying students the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) centre they need. It is well documented that STEM‑related occupations will be the jobs of the future. I call upon the Premier to do the right thing by our students and fund both the sports and performing arts stadium and the STEM centre they need. Ringwood Secondary College is being short‑changed by the Labor government, with a cut of $5 million.

Instead of providing the $10 million needed on top of the $2.2 million provided by the coalition government in 2014, Labor is cutting $5 million. Ringwood Secondary College has just under 1500 students and needs 21st century learning facilities.