Norwood Secondary College Adjournment

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — (13 024) My adjournment matter is to the Minister for Education. My request is that the minister urgently appoint architects to develop the master plan for Norwood Secondary College. On 24 November 2015 I raised a constituency question for the Minister for Education regarding the fact that Norwood had already gone through the probity process for selecting an architect to conduct its master plan. In that question I asked the minister to intervene promptly to ensure that Norwood Secondary College could use its selected architect to get on with the job of developing its master plan to upgrade the school. The minister's response to that question did not address the master plan at all.

The last allocation for capital works that Norwood Secondary College received for its classrooms and study activities was in the 1970s, and this was in fact for a library. The school is soon to celebrate its 60th birthday. The school classrooms have had no work done, no upgrades and no rebuilds. With the schools in the minister's electorate receiving $17.6 million for upgrades during this term and with the marginal Labor seat of Bentleigh, according to the member's own budget speech, having seen a whopping $45 million in the last two budgets for Bentleigh electorate schools, the Norwood school community has clearly been shunned and ignored by the minister.

Honourable members interjecting.

Ms RYALL — I note for the benefit of those reading Hansard that those opposite are saying, 'Hear, hear!' about their own schools. Norwood desperately needs its master plan and a future plan for renewal. The students and families do not want to be treated like second-class citizens compared to other students and families in Victoria. The Labor Party has been in power for approximately 14 of the last 18 years, and yet Norwood has been ignored. Much has been said by the minister and the Premier about our kids needing 21st-century learning spaces and the best education facilities. Why does that not apply to Norwood Secondary College?

I have asked the Minister for Education during this Parliament to advise how much of the current budget allocation for Maroondah schools is going to schools in the Ringwood electorate. His first answer directed me to a website which did not have the information. The Speaker ruled that answer unresponsive. When the question was re-opened, the same response was given. Twice the minister has refused to release this information, and it is now clear why. Not a single dollar from this year's budget is going to schools for capital works in my electorate. We constantly hear in this Parliament about the fabulous new and upgraded schools in Labor electorates. What about Norwood students? The Norwood school community implores the minister to prioritise them too, to give their education the same level of priority and importance as the students in his own electorate, as the students in the Bentleigh electorate and as the students in all marginal Labor seats.