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Law and Order policies announced by the Liberal Nationals Coalition

Law and Order policies announced by the Liberal Nationals Coalition 

Tackling violent crimes 

Education, it's about our kids' future.

A teacher recently said to me, “We could teach under a tree, Dee.  It's not about the buildings.”  While I have no doubt about that, we do know that infrastructure that facilitates learning outcomes for our kids is important. But it's not the only factor. If it was, we’d be leading the world, not lagging behind countries such as Kazakhstan on the global report card of Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).


Ms RYALL — Coolheads has achieved the goal of fundraising $145 000 for two scalp-cooling machines at Maroondah Hospital. These machines reduce hair loss for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and provide dignity and choice about if and who they tell about their challenges.

Crown Coaches

Ms RYALL — Crown Coaches, a Nunawading bus and coach transport business, has celebrated its 50th anniversary. Crown Coaches has 250 employees and has been the winner of several Whitehorse business awards. The business focuses on ensuring it minimises its impact on the environment. This includes making sure that vehicles not only meet the current emission standards but do better, including tracking and routing to achieve the most effective transfer of their passengers. Congratulations!

One Planet Facility Services

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — It is great to see a local Ringwood business achieving great things. One Planet Facility Services in Ringwood are the winners of the 2017 Australian Achiever Award for Australia's cleaning and maintenance services and supplies category. I congratulate One Planet Facility Services on their dedication and commitment to achieving this award for outstanding service excellence.

Maroondah's Crime Wave

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — Victoria is in the grip of a crime wave like at no other time. There has been no other time like this, where our communities have been plagued by violent thugs committing senseless acts of violence, targeting innocent community members in their own homes, on the roads, in their streets and at their businesses.

Questions about Counter-Terrorism Preparedness

 Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — I grieve for all who value peace, freedom, safety and our way of life. The latest London attacks of terrorism bring to the fore the lengths that those who hate what we value will go to to destroy it. This is a war. It is not a conventional war, but it is nonetheless a war. We are under attack, and it is an attack on the very freedoms and way of life that our diggers fought for so that we may have those freedoms. If those men and women could see now that what they had fought so valiantly for is under attack, they would want us to stand, they would want us to fight and they would want us to hold strong to what they fought for. That in itself means that we have an obligation to fight just like they did for our continued freedoms and our continued way of life, because the alternative cannot be countenanced. It cannot be contemplated. If we do not, then what our diggers fought for and died for would be in vain.

Traffic Accident Data - Melway

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — (12 807) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is that he enable the availability of data on tow truck call-outs to accidents, accompanied with the associated Melway map grids, so that interested parties such as my community can identify the full picture on accident stats on a given road or intersection.


Maroondah Hospital Parking Upgrade

The lack of parking at Maroondah Hospital is a real concern and our local community wants action!

Colombo Street Parking


Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My adjournment request is to the Minister for Public Transport, so I appreciate that she is in the chamber and hopefully we can get a speedy result to my request. The action I seek is that the minister direct Public Transport Victoria to temporarily provide two parking spaces adjacent to Colombo Street, opposite the Boom Gate Cafe in Mitcham, to enable some short‑term parking while the City of Whitehorse undertakes the full‑road reconstruction of Station Street, Mitcham, between Whitehorse Road and Colombo Street.