MYKI Services in Ringwood East

Ms Ryall - My adjournment request is for the Minister for Public Transport. The action I seek is that the minister direct Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to install Myki services at Paul's Supa IGA in Ringwood East.

There is currently no option to buy or top up Myki cards in Ringwood East at the shops or at the station because the newsagent, which was the only provider of these services, has recently closed. That has left both bus and train commuters high and dry for at least a month now. Public Transport Victoria was aware that the newsagent was closing well in advance of its closure, and there has not been a reinstatement of the service in East Ringwood since that time. The closest Myki service is now located about a 30-minute walk away. Paul's IGA, opposite the Ringwood East train station, has been contacting PTV on a regular basis to have the service installed so that residents are no longer inconvenienced. Paul's IGA are open not just on weekdays but also on the weekends, so it will benefit my local constituents to have them provide Myki services.

Unfortunately, even though Paul's IGA have been in regular contact with PTV it has still not actioned this, and PTV has actually said that it takes a long time to do this. My issue and my concern with a statement like that is that PTV knew in advance that Myki services would be discontinued so it had sufficient time to be able to install them or provide that service through another outlet at Ringwood East. It has not done that. It has got a willing provider at Paul's IGA, so it should not be taking a long time. It should be actioned right now. I would appreciate the minister's urgent intervention in this matter so that residents in my local community are no longer forced to travel out of their way in order to get their Myki topped up or purchase a Myki card — or risk being fined due to not having the time to top up their Myki card.