Mount Pleasant Road Primary School & Kindergarten

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — Monday, 6 October, marked the beginning of a new era for the Mount Pleasant Road Primary School & Kindergarten community. With the new school term I had the honour, with principal Lisa Yeoman and school council president Fiona Lawrie, of welcoming very excited students, teachers, parents and family members to their new school, which is a $5.1 million rebuild that has seen the school move from Victoria’s worst to a 21st century state‑of‑the‑art learning facility.

When the coalition government conducted an audit of every classroom in the state, Mount Pleasant Road Primary School & Kindergarten was found to be the worst — so much so that the funding for the new school came from additional maintenance funding applied to start to deal with the $420 million backlog in maintenance that the audit identified in classrooms across Victoria.

For so long Mount Pleasant Road Primary School & Kindergarten had suffered from neglect, despite the pleas of so many. I recall the day I was able to inform the school principal, Lisa Yeoman, school council president, Fiona Lawrie, and teachers of the funding. The cheers showed just how ecstatic they were about finally being heard, finally being understood and finally being granted the funds to revolutionise the education learning spaces needed for both teachers’ and students’ educational outcomes. We made a great team when we all came together to ensure that the building outcomes met the needs of all.

My thanks go to the former education minister, the member for Nepean, who saw firsthand the state of the buildings and the termite holes in the floors and felt the cold air coming in around the windows. The audit backed up what we all knew. At the opening principal Lisa Yeoman acknowledged and thanked the former minister for his great work on bringing the school rebuild to fruition. A plaque would be a very fitting reminder to all at the school of the minister who listened and acted.