Mitcham Road & Springfield Road School Zones

Ms RYALL - My adjournment request is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is to have a full road safety review at peak before and after school times on Mitcham Road between Springfield Road and the Mitcham Bowling Club. The review needs to ensure that flashing 40‑kilometre signs are installed on Mitcham Road outside Mullauna College. Mullauna College and Mitcham Primary School are next to each other and share a pedestrian crossing on Mitcham Road outside Mitcham Primary School.

With the Andrews government policy of increasing housing density in Mitcham and the surrounding suburbs, there are more vehicles on the road now than ever before. Parents are reporting that they and their children are exposed to many near misses from cars speeding through the pedestrian crossing when travelling south on Mitcham Road from Springfield Road. They also report that their much‑loved lollipop person has been subject to several near misses as well. While there is a 40‑kilometre sign on Springfield Road, Mitcham, it appears that drivers who stop at the Springfield Road–Mitcham Road intersection forget once they have turned the corner that there is indeed a 40‑kilometre zone outside the schools during those specific before and after school periods. There is nothing further to remind them that in fact it is a 40‑kilometre speed zone.

Parents are fearful that there will be a serious accident if safety concerns are not addressed. I would appreciate the minister’s urgent attention to this. I share their concerns. There are significant volumes of traffic. There are many, many children crossing the road at that particular time, both before school starts and after school has been completed. It is vitally important that not only the students at Mitcham Primary School and Mullauna College are safe when it comes to crossing the road but also their parents, who are walking across the pedestrian crossing with them, and that our lollipop people, who are making sure that the children are safe, are in fact themselves safe. So I call on the minister to conduct a full review of the Mitcham Road pedestrian crossing — all traffic to and from and going north to south and back at the appropriate times before and after school — and that most certainly flashing 40‑kilometre speed signs are installed outside Mullauna College on Mitcham Road.