Mitcham Road

My adjournment request is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is for the resurfacing of Mitcham Road between Whitehorse Road and Springfield Road to address the state of disrepair of the road.

Residents have raised concerns that the road is well overdue for an upgrade. There are potholes and uneven surfaces, and many people are actually concerned that ultimately there will be an accident as a result of the state of the road. It is a very busy road. There is a shopping centre, two schools — a primary school and a secondary school — as well as kindergartens in the immediate vicinity. In my previous adjournment matters I have raised issues in relation to Mitcham Road, in particular about this area of road and the safety of pedestrians in relation to the speed zones and so forth, and now in relation to the road I raise the issue of the surface. I trust that the minister will make sure that this is rectified as soon as possible.