Members Statement

Victorians have a choice come November this year: a choice between Victoria's backward slide under the Premier or a clear plan of leadership under the Liberal-Nationals — a plan to restore confidence and pride in our state; to take Victorians forward and not ride roughshod over them as this government has done; to put Victorians first for a change and treat them with respect rather than the bullying we have seen and witnessed from this government; to make sure our justice system reflects community expectations; to offer real solutions to deal with those issues that Victorians worry about, like escalating violence, out-of-control cost of living, the massive congestion on our roads; and to end the war on our Country Fire Authority volunteers.

Over the Christmas period, while the leaders of this government all went on holidays at the same time, Victorians wanted and needed leadership — they were facing shocking crime — and it was the Liberal-Nationals that provided it. It was the Liberal-Nationals who were out leading on the policy front to deal with the reality of what Victorians are experiencing and feeling, the reality that this government will not acknowledge.

The Premier will not acknowledge the crime crisis. He will not acknowledge the high cost of living Victorians are battling with, or that our roads are so congested that they take away valuable time from families and friends. He will not acknowledge that he has forced up the cost of living for every household, every hospital, and every school and community organisation. He will not acknowledge nor accept the reality of everyday Victorians.