Member conduct

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — Can any Victorian trust the Andrews Labor government, led by a Premier schooled in the arrogance of ‘Do as I say, not as I do’? This is a party where MPs refuse to live amongst the people they represent, where they are too good to live in Narre Warren North, Narre Warren South and Werribee, so they live in Fitzroy North, Mount Martha and Williamstown, under a Premier for which everything is a matter for someone else while he takes responsibility for nothing.

This is a Premier who told the Herald Sun he would talk about his MP embroiled in the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption after its findings were handed down, but when there were adverse findings did a runner and still hides behind the Fair Work Commission; a Premier who calls the chauffeuring of Patch and Ted on the taxpayers dime an error of judgement, refusing to sack Steve Herbert, with the minister resigning two weeks later only because he had become a distraction for the government; a Premier who now hides behind an audit review into the rorting by his Speaker and Deputy Speaker when he has the power and the numbers to request that all documents be made publicly available; a Premier who called for the expulsion of the former MP for Frankston from this house as appropriate punishment yet will not expel his own MPs for their unprecedented rorting; a Premier who did and said anything to get into government yet refuses to hold himself and his own to the same standard he holds everyone else; and a Premier who feigned being Captain Morality during the last term of government and now shows himself to be unprincipled, disingenuous and a fake.