Liberals will fix dangerous Maroondah Highway intersection

An elected Liberal Government will upgrade the intersection of Maroondah Highway, Heatherdale Road, and Dampier Grove in Ringwood to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

The notorious intersection is well known by locals for its frequent accidents and near misses.

With the Andrews Labor Government’s policy of increasing population & density in our local suburbs we have more cars using the intersection than ever before. 

In addition, the removal of the level crossing at Heatherdale Station has seen an increasing number of vehicles travelling through this dangerous intersection.

With accidents not being reported if emergency vehicles don’t attend, and near misses escaping the stats as well, what is visible to the eyes of locals does not get reflected in the data recorded.

Under a Liberal Government, the intersection will be upgraded to include red and green turning arrows for those turning right from Heatherdale Road into Maroondah Highway and for those turning left from Dampier Grove into Maroondah Highway. Sequencing will be improved to increase pedestrian crossing time from north to south. Flashing white pedestrian alerts will also be installed.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads, David Hodgett

“The hastily done work around the level crossing removal and car park has failed to provide a safe environment for the pedestrians and vehicles who use this area.

If elected, a Liberal Government will fix this mess and ensure the intersection is upgraded to help keep pedestrians and road users safe.”

Comments attributable to Member for Ringwood, Dee Ryall:

I have spoken with many local residents who are deeply concerned about safety at this busy and dangerous intersection.

That’s why I’ve been working with the community and Matthew Guy’s team to fix the design of this area and make it safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”