Liberals fund master plan for Norwood Secondary College

Norwood Secondary College turns sixty this year.  The classrooms are old and rundown with its last capital works learning space, a 1970s library.

Under a Liberal Nationals government, Norwood will no longer be the forgotten school. Norwood will receive $50,000 to immediately commission their redevelopment master plan.


Part-time Education Minister, James Merlino, said “you can’t get a first-rate education in a second-rate classroom” and yet, that is exactly what he and his labor colleagues have consigned the students and teachers of Norwood Secondary College to.

In 2014, Norwood had completed its probity process for selecting its architect to conduct the master plan but was prevented from proceeding under the Andrews Government.

Only a Liberal Nationals government will give the students and teachers at Norwood Secondary College the respect they deserve.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“In Labor’s so-called ‘Education State’, Norwood Secondary College has been completely ignored.”

“Under this Labor government, student outcomes have gone backwards in seven out of nine Government defined target areas.

Comment attributable to Member for Ringwood, Dee Ryall MP:

“I’ve fought long and hard for Norwood to get its fair share of funding to develop its master plan and redevelop its classrooms and learning spaces.”

“Under a Guy Government, the students and teachers at Norwood Secondary College will no longer be treated as second class citizens while the Education Minister’s own schools get preferred treatment.”

“This $50,000 is the much needed crucial first step to ensuring the future goals of Norwood and its students can be realised.”