Maroondah Hospital Parking - At Crisis Point

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — Maroondah Hospital parking has been at crisis point for some time and is becoming worse as our population grows and ages. By now, under the election commitments of the former coalition government, the hospital would have had an additional 100 car parks as well as approximately 80 that the hospital was creating.

We are now one year and four months into the Andrews government’s term and no‑one in the community has heard a whisper of any commitment by the Premier to resolve the parking crisis at Maroondah Hospital.

This government needs to act in the budget it is bringing down next month. The Premier needs to produce the parking strategy and funding in this budget to resolve the parking crisis in conjunction with funding the development of our new breast cancer centre. It makes perfect sense to combine the two and ensure that the parking crisis is resolved not just for patients needing access to their hospital now for health care and appointments and for those who are visiting but to ensure that parking is future‑proofed by taking into consideration population growth and ageing.

There are only 97 car parks for the public and 72 time‑restricted car parks in the street, and when we look at the hospital’s performance, we see that there are between 27 000 and 28 000 bed days per quarter. This is extraordinary considering the minimal number of car parks available to the public, and I call on the Premier to fund, in conjunction with the cancer centre, a future‑proofing parking solution.