Maroondah hospital car parking


Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — The coalition government invested $474.5 million in hospital infrastructure to serve the Ringwood electorate, particularly the brand‑new Box Hill Hospital and the Maroondah Hospital redevelopment, and including a new 16‑bed intensive care unit and high dependency unit and a 22‑bed acute transitional care ward. Coinciding with that development, Eastern Health is establishing an additional 80 to 100 car parks for Maroondah Hospital.

The Victorian coalition took to the 2014 election a fully costed commitment to immediately provide up to 100 additional parking places for our community. With our population both increasing and ageing, the demand on Maroondah Hospital services will only increase. The parking at and around the hospital is now limited, and concerned patients and family members report doing endless trips around the block and surrounding streets at a very stressful time.

When I was out making my election commitments, a lady spoke to me of her desperation trying to park when bringing her suicidal son to the hospital. In the end she gave up, parked illegally, was fined and had to request to have the fine revoked on compassionate grounds. This crisis must be resolved.

Without the coalition’s further 100 car parks, the problems for our local community are only going to grow worse. The Andrews government must urgently fund additional car parking for Maroondah Hospital so that the services currently available are able to be accessed by those needing health care. The hospital’s funds for treating patients should not have to be used to build the additional car parks.

Maroondah Hospital has done fabulous work in reducing its waiting lists. Labor neglected our local hospitals for the 11 years it was last in government. We had to play catch‑up with $474.5 million. The time for the action is now.