Maroondah Hospital - Adjournment Debate

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My adjournment request is to the Minister for Health. and the action I seek is for the minister to accompany me out to Maroondah Hospital to talk to and consult with my community members and residents, as well as those from surrounding communities, about their views on combining the breast cancer centre with hundreds of additional public car parks in the one single construction.

The breast cancer centre funding is welcome, and there is a perfect opportunity to combine this with a public car park to address the parking crisis at Maroondah Hospital. The former coalition government rebuilt Box Hill Hospital and upgraded Maroondah Hospital with a commitment of a further 100 car parks as a start. With population growth and our ageing population, every month that the government delays addressing this crisis means residents are less able to access their health facilities — that is, sick patients and their families are unable to access their health facility. That includes inpatients, emergency presentations, outpatient appointments, day procedures, as well as visitors. They total in the tens of thousands of people per quarter, yet there are only 97 hospital public car parks and 72 time‑restricted street car spaces.

Eastern Health is doing the heavy lifting on catering for its staff parking, but Eastern Health’s funds should be used for patient care, not paying for public car parking, which this government must take responsibility for. I implore the Minister for Health to work with me and my community on this, to do the decent and the right thing by them, by the sick and their families, and to show vision and fund hundreds of additional car spaces in the same building as the breast cancer centre.