Mandatory Sentencing

We need to end the soft on crime approach.

Our area is a great place to live, but increases in crime are putting our safety at risk. Local residents are living in fear of violent crimes such as home invasions and carjackings. I want to send a clear message to Daniel Andrews that we need stronger laws to stop the violence and crime on our streets. Please sign this petition to show your support.




Enough is Enough


Repeat violent offenders should face minimum jail sentences.

We will introduce Victoria's toughest ever sentences for re-offenders. Mandatory minimum sentences will apply to 11 violent crimes including aggravated home invasion, murder, rape, armed robbery and causing serious injury.

  • No more excuses
  • Protection for the community
  • Put thugs behind bars
  • End Labor's soft on crime approach



Daniel Andrews' soft on crime approach has to stop.