Heatherdale Station 'Kiss and Ride' zone

My adjournment request is to the Minister for Public Transport. The action I seek is for the Minister to instruct the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) to undertake proper consultation with regard to reinstating the indented pick‑up and drop‑off zone at Forster Street near Heatherdale station as depicted in the architectural design pictures dated June 2015.

I have previously raised in the house the issue of this drop‑off and pick‑up zone as an important safety measure, and yet we find that after community consultation there are contradictions and great concerns, and once again the drop‑off point has not been fixed up. I am advised that members of my community recently met with local councillors and engineers from the Whitehorse council, as well as the president of the eastern disabled organisation, and it was agreed that a 2‑minute sign that the council has put at this site to try to create a drop‑off zone is neither practical nor safe due to the width of the road and the lack of the indent.

The LXRA stakeholder liaison group (SLG) that was established is apparently required to:

… ensure a broad range of community perspectives are considered in project development and delivery; and

provide a community perspective in relation to the development and implementation of the Blackburn and Heatherdale Roads level crossing removal projects.

The Heatherdale Community Action Group does not feel that this has occurred. I am advised that the SLG has claimed that the removal of this zone was discussed at a meeting, yet it is absent from the minutes. In addition, the minutes state that the Heatherdale Community Action Group secretary was present at the meeting; she has advised that this information is incorrect and she could not possibly have been at that meeting. The Heatherdale Community Action Group is extremely upset by inaccuracies in the Level Crossing Removal Authority’s claim about community consultation and that the pick‑up and drop‑off point will not be reinstated.

On behalf of my community, once again I ask the minister to look into the matter and to take their concerns seriously and to instruct that significant consultation occur so that the safety issues, the safety concerns and the needs of the community in being able to drop off and pick up from the western side of the station on Heatherdale Road can actually be addressed.