Heatherdale Railway Station

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) (17:12:18) — (14 051) My adjournment request is for the Minister for Public Transport. On behalf of my community, I call on the minister to reinstate the Heatherdale station pick‑up and drop‑off zone that existed in Forster Street, Mitcham, close to Heatherdale Road. When Heatherdale station was moved to the eastern side of Heatherdale Road, taxpayer funds were spent removing the pick‑up and drop‑off zone without community consultation. The zone was filled in with a nature strip and curbed and channelled to the road. A number of cars used to be able to pull in very, very safely, allowing traffic to continue to flow onto Forster Road and out onto Heatherdale Road. We now face a significant and dangerous risk. Cars either bank up behind each other on Forster Road or they have to actually pull out to go around the cars that are dropping people off. Both examples are significantly concerning and dangerous.

I spoke with the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) prior to the station move and was not at any time informed that we would lose our drop‑off and pick‑up zone, which has served our community for so long and so well. Instead, after filling in the nature strip what they did was put up a 2‑minute drop‑off sign there without any indentation for people to pull into. With the removal of the turn‑in and the placement of the 2‑minute sign, I am advised that complaints have been made at LXRA meetings. I have also been advised that a ‘kiss and ride’ was planned by the LXRA and that there were community concerns in relation to its structure and how it would work, but nothing has been done in relation to that and the community has not been informed of any resolution in relation to it.

This pick‑up and drop‑off zone is something that commuters in my community certainly want. It is something that we need to deal with to take away the danger that exists, certainly for people with disabilities. Therefore both my community and I ask the minister to resolve this issue immediately before an accident occurs and to make sure that the community is consulted about any changes that might be made so that it is done in their interests and with their approval.