Government Response to Social Inclusion For Victorians with Disability

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — On 17 September 2014, as the then chair of the Family and Community Development Committee, I tabled in this house the committee’s report on its inquiry into the social inclusion of Victorians with a disability. On 14 April this year the government’s response was tabled. Like many Victorians with a disability and their families, I eagerly looked to see what recommendations had been adopted and what Victorians with disability could look forward to to improve social inclusion across a range of areas of their life.

The response included the following:

The inquiry recommends strategies to reduce inequality and promote inclusion in areas such as employment, education, community awareness, housing, the built environment, elected life, technology and social connectedness. It also proposes new ways to define, measure and monitor social inclusion in these and other areas.

I was very dismayed to then read:

The inquiry highlights important issues related to the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS). The next State Disability Plan 2017–2020 will incorporate Victoria’s transition to the NDIS and a continued role for the Victorian government in enabling people with a disability to participate and contribute to social, economic and cultural life.

It is now 2015, and to leave Victorians with disability to the side until 2017–20 and not act on those recommendations is an insult and slap in the face to vulnerable Victorians, who need this government to act on these recommendations now. Shame on the Andrews government.