Media Release: Andrews needs to step up on free flu vax for Maroondah kids

Influenza is a deadly disease, and new data shows nearly 50,000 Victorians suffered from it last year. Young children are particularly vulnerable; last year in the Maroondah area there were 82 cases of flu in kids under 5, a whopping 811% increase from the year before, which saw only 9 cases.

Flu vaccines provide essential protection from the flu and it’s vital that these vaccines are made freely available to young kids to ensure they are properly protected.

The Liberals have promised free voluntary flu vaccinations for Victorian Children under 5 if elected to Government later this year.

Daniel Andrews is refusing to fund these vital vaccines for Victoria’s youngest children, insisting it’s the Federal Government’s responsibility.

This head-in-the-sand approach is in stark contrast to the NSW government, who announced last week they would fund free flu vaccines for children under 5 following the horror flu season of 2017. NSW joins the Queensland and WA Governments, who already provide free flu vaccinations for young children.

Comments attributable to Dee Ryall, Member for Ringwood:

“Only the Liberals will fund free vaccinations to protect our kids against this deadly disease.”

“The number of kids suffering from the flu has skyrocketed in just one year in Maroondah, yet Daniel Andrews is sitting on his hands when it comes to funding urgently needed vaccinations.”

“It beggars belief that Daniel Andrews is flatly refusing to fund flu vaccinations for kids when they prevent illness and save lives.”

“If it’s good enough for the NSW, Queensland and WA Governments to ensure their kids are protected from flu, why is Daniel Andrews persistently fobbing off this serious issue to others?”