Eastwood Primary School - Air Conditioning

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My constituency question is for the Minister for Education, and my question is: will the minister provide the children of Eastwood Primary School with the $50 000 needed to ensure there is evaporative airflow during summer in two of the remaining pods in their new school or not?

I raised the issue in an adjournment debate recently and got a standard letter back that did not address the specifics. The duct work is laid and is in place. They only need a unit for the remaining two pods. The school has had to spend an additional $40 000 on the teachers’ car park due to underground water seepage, so they do not have the funds for the remaining two pods. I would prefer to have a yes or no to my constituency question for the parents and the children of the school so that I can advise them of the outcome, which will preferably not be an uncomfortable summer for the students in two of the pods at the school while they are trying to learn.