Eastwood Primary School - Adjournment Debate

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My adjournment request is to the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is for him to provide Eastwood Primary School with $50 000 so that the students may be able to have the benefit of appropriate evaporative cooling in their new school building.

The former government committed $7.3 million to rebuild Eastwood Primary School and we are now well through stage 2 of the school’s rebuild. The completed stage 1 is fantastic.

As I understand the issue, the heating ductwork does not, from a size perspective, allow the evaporative cooling process to be backed onto it. It actually requires larger ductwork is my understanding. In order for that to happen there needs to be a change in the ductwork. This will mean that students can be warm in winter and they can have some evaporative air cooling — not refrigerated cooling — through the very hot summer months. That will give significant relief and significant comfort to the students during those really hot days.

Given that the $50 000 is needed to ensure that the entire school is able to enjoy respite from the heat during those hot days, my request is that rather than pulling that money away from play equipment or from other student needs in the school, the money be provided by the Minister for Education from taxpayer funds so that the students can have that comfort. It is $50 000, but it would mean an enormous amount to the school community if the students could learn in a comfortable environment. The school is not asking for a whole new system of cooling; it is just asking for a change in the current system which will make a huge difference to the comfort of the students through the summer months. It is a sensible request, and I am hoping that the Minister for Education will enable these students to have their needs met.