Eastland - Close to Completion

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — It was amazing to tour the new Eastland development, which is due to open in just over two months time. The work under construction is phenomenal, and Eastland will become a major shopping destination as well as a sought after restaurant and food mecca.

A development in conjunction with the City of Maroondah, the new Town Square will be an amazing central meeting point, opening out onto the Realm, as well as including some of the best alfresco dining around. With a huge screen, this area is set to become a focal point of Ringwood. Just opposite the new development is the $66 million Ringwood railway station redevelopment, which was funded and commenced under the Napthine government and is to be finished at the same time as the Eastland opening. The station has lifts, stairs and ramps, as well as our all‑important protective services officers assisting and providing safety for commuters.

Being adjacent to Eastland will mean easy access for people from all over Melbourne. The jobs created out of this development and into the future in retail and food, as well as the input into our local economy, make for a very exciting future for so many. The new face of Ringwood is very exciting, and I am looking forward to an asset that will enhance our local community.