Dee Ryall MP Presents Vic Award to Unsung Hero

I was delighted to present the Victoria Award today to a well-deserved recipient in Linda Searle.  Linda has been serving the community at the local crossing in Quarry Road, Mitcham for 37 years. It was a pleasure to thank her for her years of service at Mitcham Primary school today before her very last shift as Mitcham’s beloved lollypop lady.

Linda is the embodiment of what the Victoria Award stands for. The Award is about service to others. What better way to serve others in our community then to ensure that children cross busy roads safely. 

Many that attended Mitcham Primary school remember Linda as they walk their children to school; Linda has kept more than one generation safe, and away from traffics harm.

Linda has dedicated her life to keeping others safe no matter the weather, freezing or boiling. Truly, an unsung hero.

It was an absolute pleasure to present Linda with this award today,  I am grateful for unsung heroes in our community that continue to give, which makes our community such a fabulous place to be  part of.