Dee Ryall MP Demands Premier Address Eastern Freeway Chaos

Dee Ryall MP has today called on Premier Andrews in Parliament, demanding that he address the chaos at the end of the Eastern Freeway.

During question time, Ms Ryall asked the following on behalf of a local constituent concerned over the future plans for the Eastern Freeway.

“A constituent in my local community of Ringwood, is requesting a straight and honest answer”

“What is the Premier going to do to alleviate the traffic congestions for vehicles travelling from the east that is created by the abrupt end of the Eastern Freeway?” Ms Ryall Said.

“Premier Andrews has abandoned the East by scrapping the East West Link; the only project that addressed the constant issue of traffic congestion in the east”.

“I seek the Premiers response on plans to address the constant chaos experienced by my constituents each day, due to the lack of planning by the current Labor Government”.

“This is simply not good enough, not only was the East West Link abandoned, but Victorians taxpayers are left with a $339 million dollar debt”.

“My constituents and the eastern community are still stuck in traffic, instead of being home with their families. I blame Labor” Ms Ryall said.