Dee Ryall hosts Secondary Student Debate in Victorian Parliament

It was an absolute pleasure to host Mullauna and Ringwood Secondary College’s in the Victorian Legislative Assembly for the annual ‘Excellence in debating’ competition, to debate issues of importance.

Secondary students from Ringwood were invited to participate in a debate on the following topics put forward by the Debaters Association of Victoria:

‘People born after the year 2000 should never be able to consume tobacco products’.

‘Graffiti should not be considered a crime’.

“It was great to hear the both the affirmative and the negative arguments on issues such as tobacco exposure, graffiti, and crime”.  Both sides offered structured, well investigated, comprehensive arguments. Mullauna College won the Victorian Shield for ‘Excellence in Debating’ for the fourth consecutive time.

“The experience allowed students to understand firsthand how the democratic process works, and why it is crucial to debate key legislation in order to achieve the best outcome for the community”.

“It was certainly an experience they will not forget, and I am sure when these young students go to the polling booths to vote for the first time, they will be thinking about a great deal more than simply the names on the ballot paper”.

“This has been a welcome experience for all, to debate in our house of democracy and to sit in the places of our State's leaders.  Students were able to understand the large role that Members of Parliament have in introducing and debating important legislation that affects the community from day to day”.

“I look forward to welcoming our secondary students once again in 2016”.