Daniel Andrews Grand Final Eve Public Holiday - Bad For Business

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — What a lazy, incompetent and deceitful government we have in Victoria. We saw a total disrespect for employers and staff by the government during question time yesterday with its proposal to have a grand final parade public holiday.

We have the government saying that people will be dancing in the street because they have lost a day’s wages, lost productivity or lost a day’s income for their business. We had a health minister who could not tell Victorians what the increased cost to hospitals would be because of this public holiday. We had a health minister who could not guarantee whether there would be any delays or cancellations in relation to important elective surgery. We all know that surgeons often take the day off on a public holiday. There was a refusal to guarantee surgery by the minister and I can understand why.

We have a Premier who is off begging in Canberra for funds because apparently the government’s election commitments were not fully funded. He is begging the federal government for funds that are not available in Victoria because Labor pushed up the cost of spending. Look what has happened to our hospitals. The Premier is out begging for money because the government is in the clutches of its masters — the union chiefs. It is absolutely disgraceful. This is an incompetent and lazy government.