Constituency Questions - Norwood Secondary College

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My constituency question is to the Minister for Education.The minister visited Norwood Secondary College where he met with principal Andrew Sloane, school council president Cathie Wright and me on behalf of the school community and my constituents.

We raised the concern that the school had recently already gone through the probity process of selecting an architect to undertake the school’s master plan and that the education department was insistent that the school go through that process again. The minister agreed at the time that he would look into this, because it did indeed seem excessive to duplicate this activity in such a short time. Since the visit, the education department has gone to invitation to tender, taking the school and all involved through the same process that they have already been through recently — a waste of both time and money.

Will the minister now intervene promptly to ensure that Norwood Secondary College can use its already selected architect and get on with the job of the master plan so that the time wasting stops and no more money is wasted?