Common Sense Road Rules

The Liberal Nationals believe road rules should be based on common sense.

Recently, too many road rules have been designed by bureaucrats. Some of their ideas might be good on paper, but in the real world they create more problems than they fix.

Too often under Labor, motorists have been cut out of decision-making on speed limits and road rules. Changes have been made haphazardly, without any public consultation, and have been either announced with short notice or not announced at all.

It also creates confusion which means dangerous driving conditions and unsafe roads.

We want to know what you think about a range of issues, including red lights on freeway merges, differential speed limits for trucks, and freeway speed limits.

We also want your ideas for rules that should be changed, or new rules that you think should be introduced. We’ll announce our policies on these issues, once we’ve taken your feedback on board.


Fill out the survey here.