Colombo Street Parking


Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My adjournment request is to the Minister for Public Transport, so I appreciate that she is in the chamber and hopefully we can get a speedy result to my request. The action I seek is that the minister direct Public Transport Victoria to temporarily provide two parking spaces adjacent to Colombo Street, opposite the Boom Gate Cafe in Mitcham, to enable some short‑term parking while the City of Whitehorse undertakes the full‑road reconstruction of Station Street, Mitcham, between Whitehorse Road and Colombo Street.



This is the third and final stage of works around the shopping precinct of Mitcham since we removed the Mitcham Road level crossing, and it is important for traders to be able to continue to service their customers during this time and for customers to be able to frequent those traders. The works are expected to continue on through to August, and that creates a significant impact on those local traders, with no short‑term parking available for their customers during this period. The use of those two car parks during this time will go some way to providing relief for this temporary inconvenience. The two car parks, I understand, are separated by kerb outsiders. I would appreciate a result for both the community that frequents these shops and these traders, and also the traders themselves.