Dee Ryall MLA

Dee was elected as a Member of Parliament at the 2010 Victorian State election. Born in Box Hill Hospital, Dee grew up locally in Blackburn North and as a Member of Parliament, is giving back to the community which gave her a start in life. Dee's roots are in the Electorate. Her family lived in Blackburn North and she went to Blackburn High School.

Dee's parents are two amazing people who taught her the importance of hard work and reward for effort. They worked multiple jobs including washing dishes and pumping petrol to achieve their dream of owning a home and raising a family. They took the plunge and started their own business with enough money for a car only. Dee's parents taught her that success and achievement have their roots in sacrifice and hard work. They have also taught her that this needs to be balanced with compassion and understanding for the vulnerable and those who need support.

Entering politics has provided Dee with the opportunity to listen and act on behalf of her local community. This includes being a voice for the community. Dee fought for the removal of the Mitcham & Rooks Road level crossings, she secured almost 11Ha of land as open space, advocated for run down schools to be rebuilt, for the safety of a pedestrian crossing at a local school and for our recreational facilities including lighting at the Heatherdale Oval and Mitcham Bowling Club. Dee advocated for the funding and development of a shared bike path from Box Hill to Ringwood to bring people outdoors and promote recreation and healthy activity in our local community.

Dee has always been passionate about sport. As a child she was an active and enthusiastic member of local Basketball, Netball, Gymnastics & Tennis Clubs. Dee sees sport as a great outlet for kids’ energy, building character, teaching team work and the values of cooperation and fair play.

Dee has done many things prior to life in politics. She was a nurse in public hospitals across Melbourne, she started a small business 18 years ago providing consulting and management systems audits to businesses throughout Australia. Dee built a successful business that focused on helping other businesses and organisations to improve their services, manage risk and legal compliance and to raise their standards to world best practice. Dee also developed a complex business compliance software system from concept through to successful commercialisation.

Having started a small business from scratch and struggling through some very tough times over 15 years, Dee understands the obstacles facing small business just in keeping the doors open. Supporting small business will always be a priority for Dee.

Dee adores her family, spends a lot of her life helping others...oh and she loves coffee and music.

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