Bedford Road–Great Ryrie Street, Ringwood

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — (12 399) My adjournment request is to the Minister for Public Transport. The action I seek is for the minister to ensure all train and related public transport hold‑ups preventing the switching on of the new traffic lights on the corner of Bedford Road and Great Ryrie Street in Ringwood, adjacent to the train line, be urgently completed. These lights have sat there awaiting switch‑on for 14 months while everyone impacted by this dangerous intersection grows more and more concerned about the danger they experience when using it, be they a driver or a pedestrian. The lights are designed to dramatically control the very heavy pedestrian and traffic congestion at this busy intersection, which has three extremely large schools in very close proximity. The risk when trying to exit onto Bedford Road from Great Ryrie Street is enormous, as is exiting onto and entering from Bedford Road into Great Ryrie Street. As the minister would be aware, these lights need to coordinate with the trains and, as I understand, the switch that the community so desperately needs flicked cannot happen without the authority and action of Public Transport Victoria.

I am grateful to the federal member for Deakin for his work securing $1 million in federal funding to get these lights in place to improve the safety of everybody at the intersection in the first place, but it is now well past time for the minister to ensure the go‑ahead is given for these traffic lights to be activated so that community concerns around the safety of this intersection can be allayed.