Against Inappropriate Development in Ringwood - Nelson St

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — The matter I wish to raise is a matter for the Minister for Planning and relates to a proposed development at 42–58 Nelson Street, Ringwood. The minister in this case is the responsible planning authority for the land. The proposal is for three 10‑storey developments adjacent to the Mullum Mullum Creek.

Nelson Street is a backstreet where car parking is already limited and traffic congestion exists. The development has the potential to house over 500 people, and the impact this would have creates significant consequences for existing and future residents. The visual impact of three 10‑level towers in this green, leafy area is also very disturbing. While the area is open to growth, Maroondah City Council has specific planning requirements for developments in this area.

My request is for the minister to either transfer the planning authority to Maroondah City Council or work with the council to ensure that any development on this land adheres to council’s planning requirements so that it is both appropriate for the area and consistent with community expectations. I look forward to the Minister for Planning responding to my request in the spirit of creating good outcomes for my local community and its livability.