Building Strong, Supportive Communities

Strong communities support and care for each other. Building strong communities doesn’t happen by accident. It is through volunteering that our support groups, sporting clubs, community service, business and interest groups exist.  

I’ve been the beneficiary of some of these groups since childhood; The YMCA, the local tennis, netball, basketball clubs and gym.  As the Member for Ringwood, I see our community groups in action and never cease to be amazed at how important they are and how committed and dedicated they are to providing a service and facilities for others.

I will always support those groups that serve our community so well, and I encourage everyone to get engaged and involved. The social side is fabulous, and we all know that common interests, friendships and support allow us the opportunity to get out and enjoy life.

Supporting Families & Individuals

I am a great believer that supporting and strengthening families and individuals can lead to better life outcomes. That means listening to, and understanding what is needed and connecting with services that can help.

I have developed a strong track record of listening to the concerns of residents and community groups, to negotiate for opportunities and positive outcomes. I look forward to continuing to do so for the community of Ringwood.  

Lower cost of Government

Expensive and large government means less money for front-line services. Things like health, education, public transport, and law.  We need to do things more efficiently in our government departments so that we deliver services that are more effective and that better meet the needs of Victorians.

If there is something that you think wastes time or money and needs improvement, I’m interested in hearing about it. Together we can make government and services more effective, and this means reducing the cost of government.  When we are efficient and provide good services, it frees up finances for making Victoria better for everyone.  

Financial Discipline

To afford strong public and community services as well as the infrastructure that a growing city and state needs, I know we must live within our means.  Just like anyone living on an income, Victoria does not have an endless stream of money. That means making sure we spend tax payer’s dollars responsibly, minimise waste, and save some to pay for our state’s future needs.

The pie is divided up to provide so many services across our state and to make sure that we can build for the future. I strive to grow that pie so that our services improve, and our children and grandchildren inherit a city and services that work and deliver for them. It is not just about now; it’s about the future.

Strong Small Businesses

Having been a small business owner, I understand first-hand how difficult it can be to keep the doors open and the business running. Head-winds can mean one step forward and two back. There is no such thing as a sure thing, and I admire those that take the risks to work hard, and make a life for themselves and their families. Nothing is certain, and in small business, putting food on the table and being able to pay the bills cannot be taken for granted.   

Small business provides such a large proportion of jobs for Victorians, and I know that having a strong economy helps our small businesses.  What also helps is providing opportunities and resources to open up new markets, create innovation and strengthen businesses so that they can grow and offer more job opportunities and prosperity to others.  

Supporting small business is imperative for any government, and it will always be a priority for me.

Representing Ringwood in Parliament

Growing up locally, I know how important our community is in supporting families, children and individuals.  In my role as an elected Member of Parliament, and as legislator I know that listening and understanding the concerns of my community is vital. Representing and advocating for our local community means being out where our people are. It means being available to them so they can raise issues and concerns with me.   

Creating positive change is something I take very seriously, to do that I need to reflect the local voice of the people.  I will make sure our community isn’t taken for granted and will fight for our fair share.   

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