Mitcham is a diverse seat with many cultures and age groups, but we have one thing in common: we like where we live and we want to make it better

The Mitcham District in the Victorian Legislative Assembly was formed prior to the 1967 state election and with one exception, has always been held by the government of the day. When the seat was formed back in 1967, Mrs Dorothy Goble became the first person to hold the seat and became the sole female representative in the Lower House of Parliament in the state of Victoria.

The District is in eastern metropolitan Melbourne, approximately 21.2 kilometers east of the CBD. A largely residential District, at about 24 square kilometres in size, the District encompasses the suburbs Blackburn and Blackburn North and parts of the suburbs of Forest Hill, Mitcham, Nunawading and Vermont. It is a peaceful electorate that has many green areas taking in the picturesque Blackburn Lake sanctuary where you wouldn’t know you were less than 2 kilometres from one of Melbourne’s busiest metropolitan railway lines or from the hustle and bustle of Springvale Road or Blackburn Village.

In 1889 Gardiners Creek was dammed, which created the Blackburn Lake, a serene and beautiful sanctuary right in the midst of the electorate.

The District boundaries include the Eastern Freeway in the North, Heatherdale Road and the Dandenong Creek in the east, Canterbury and Boronia Road for parts in the south and Middleborough Road in the west.

The District is boarded by the Bayswater District in the East, the Box Hill District in the west, Doncaster district in the North and the district of Forest Hill in the south, and is a part of the Upper House Region of Eastern Metropolitan.

Electorate Map:

For a detailed PDF map of the electoral boundaries from the Victorian Electoral Commission, please click here.

Highlight Information

Location: Mitcham District is a metropolitan electorate located approximately 17 kilometres from Melbourne.

Area: 24 square kilometres.

Suburbs: Blackburn and Blackburn North. Parts of the suburbs of Forest Hill, Mitcham, Nunawading and Vermont.

Features: The district is a largely residential electorate. It features a number of recreation areas including the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

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